Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode Thirty: New Oceans

Episode Thirty

New Oceans

  Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
-Andre Gide

     Tobie leaned into the door, his key scratching the edges of the key hole. He tried to focus through the intensifying pain in his arm. The door opened.
     Holon gazed down at him, bent over his injured arm. "Welcome home." He offered his hand.
     Avoiding it, Tobie hobbled into the hallway. Skirting the coffee table he collapsed on the couch, holding his arm. Warning bells and a soft slosh of water. Anemone materialized out of a descending ball of mist. She perched on the couch arm, cooing in pigeon calls and the undertones of tinkling bells. Her fingers reached for Tobie's sleeve.
     Tobie glared at the apparition. "She's not touching me."
     "As you wish." Holon stood and headed towards his room.
     Tobie closed his eyes. The pain settled deeper into his skin, causing his breathing to shallow. A softness caressed his arm. "Back off," he growled, not opening his eyes. The comfort slipped away with a sad chime.
     Hearing a door close, he looked up. Holon came from his room, a ball of bandages and a bottle of antiseptic in hand. Tobie gazed at the floor as he sat beside him. He saw Holon open his hand in his peripheral and with a sigh unwrapped his fingers from his arm.
     Holon examined the streaks of burnt flesh, pulling up the edge of Tobie's polo to look at his shoulder.            

 "Its not bad."
     "Well it doesn't feel good," Tobie muttered. He glared at the bottle Holon was upending into a strip of bandage. "Is that gonna hurt?"
     Tobie rolled his eyes. "Great."
     "You should be proud. Sending a Glimmer back. Good work."
     "You're just happy I didn't discorporate it."
     Holon smiled. "I'm not sure that means what you think it means."
     "Whatever." Tobie cringed. Holon's grip tightened.
     "I haven't even touched you." The damp bandage hovered an inch from his skin.
     "Yeah, well...Just...get it over with."
     Holon, watching Tobie, dabbed the cloth against his arm. Tobie shuttered and bit his lip, but remain quiet. Holon continued cleaning the burns then set about wrapping the boy's arm.
     "You could have waited," he mentioned lightly.
     Tobie glared up at him. "Yeah? Waited for what?"
     "If the Glimmer had enough presence in this world to do this," Holon said, indicating the gashes caused by the Glimmer's anger, "It could have proved more dangerous. I assume the girl was unharmed?"
     "She got a little banged up, but she was fine. I got her home." Tobie glanced at the carpet. "Jacob was hard to convince she just fell down the hill while playing."
     "But you did convince him."
    "Yeah, yeah. I did. Would have been easier I guess if you had just blanked her..."
     "So you should have wait--"
     Tobie ran a hand over his eyes. "Get off my case, man. I don't need you keeping tabs on me."
     "Wouldn't have to if you kept--"
     "What? My place?" Tobie winced as Holon dabbed antiseptic over the burn like gashes on his arm.
     "If you reasoned that way you wouldn't have gone after the Glimmer alone."
     Tobie grunted, chin plopping into his hand as Holon secured the gauze. "You're one to talk."
     Holon tucked the end of the gauze over Tobie's knuckles. He stood, picking up the bottle and unused antiseptic. "We have a few sensitives we should keep an eye on as well."
     "Sensitives? You think Jacob and his sister are...Tch. Great. More work. I'm already behind." Tobie flexed his fingers, testing the subsiding pain. He glanced up at Holon's retreating back. "So...uh. I tried to contact Luc."
     Holon turned to him. Tobie quavered under his cool expression.
     "Where you in need?"
     "No! I said I handled it. I just...That thing tried to take a chunk outta my face so I wanted to tell him I was ok is all." He stretched across the couch, injured arm over his forehead. "And I got nothing back." At Holon's silence he continued angrily. "So? What does that mean?"
     "Any number of things." Holon headed towards his room.
     "Well thanks for being so helpful," Tobie griped, raising up a bit to throw the antiseptic bottle in annoyance. It hit a shut door.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

So, Uhm...HI!

Hey Everypony! (Can you tell what I'm currently obsessed with?)

So...yeah been kinda qiuet here. Sorry about that! Life really knocked the wind outta me and I've been dealing with lots of medical issues and its really zapped my energy levels.

BUT! I just turned in the 7th ep to Beam Me Up podcost and we should have the Latest Audio up and running soon. And the wonderfully talented Sara Shaw finished up the illu for Ep 12! Excite!

Be sure to watch the CW FaceBook for updates and links to the audio production!

But thanks so much for all the support and look for a new episode next month!


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode Twenty Nine

Episode Twenty Nine 

We must be careful about what we pretend to be.

      Tobie stared up at a quickly darkening sky, the rustle of leaves peppering the air. The placement of the trees below that sky, the way the wind blew through them, seemed, for a split second, frighteningly foreign. He refused the synch of panic in his chest and forced a deep breath. Be calm. Think. Just think. An ache rang down his side, his arm. Familiarity resonated. Angry red marks, like burns, streaked down to his wrist. His fingers burned. A smile creased his face. He'd sent the Glimmer back.
      "Oh man..." He rolled to his side with a wince then hugged his knees, his breath hitching on the pain. "Ugh." He pulled his cell from his pocket.
      Two Text Messages
      Gus: 1:35 Got Jacob home. He and Leyas are fine.
      Gus: 3:12 You ok man?
      Tobie hesitated. He texted: Yeah. Then his hand went to his ear cuff. His eyes closed.
      Hey, Luc. You busy?
      The leaves swooshed, evening set in and the light dimmed. Tobie rose, stretched, and headed back towards the dorms. He shoved his hands into his grass stained pockets.
      Forget it.

     "Pay attention Alt."
      Lucas' hand and attention jumped from the silver cuff at his ear back to Aloysius. "Oh please forgive me. Go on."
      "Apologize to your partner. You’re wasting her time here."
      Lucas frowned as Marie continued.
      "There's more to the Iota problem then the disappearances. We must take the malformed creature we found there into account."
      "Miss Ventras, there is no link from the missing children to the demon you exercised in the prefecture." Hasford held up his hand before she could interrupt. "We have looked into it and are continuing to attempt some sort of connection since your report but the research shows that the appearance was a coincidence. We can not argue against the results."
      "What if the results are wrong?"
      "Like a false positive," Lucas added, gaining a glare from Joseil.
      The room was silent a moment, calculated stares pinning Marie.
Joseil rolled her eyes. "Speak your mind, Miss Ventras."
      Marie wet her dry lips. "The Iota prefecture is a precursor."
      "Is that your opinion?" Aloysius grinned lazily.
      "It's an informed observation."
      Lucas glanced at Marie, realization dawning. You called this meeting?
      "A single incident doesn't an invasion make."
      Marie bristled. "We shouldn't be so dismissive of anything"
      "What? While you might find this new and threatening, more seasoned Agents might not see it as such."
     Lucas raised an eye brow at the cynicism, Marie seethed below a quickly cracking veneer of calm.
      "Please, there doesn't need to be any animosity," Hasford said, waving a hand as if to physically clear the air. "We aren't dismissing your claim out right, Miss Ventres. Do know that. However, there is no direct link so far in the research and no other phenomena has been reported. And you shouldn’t concern yourself with the incident more than what is necessary."
      "So we are just supposed to wait and let others go missing?"
      "No, we are to wait for orders." Joseil crossed her arms. "We don't go rushing after half-baked hunches."
      "I don't see why--"
      "No, you don't." Aloysius sneered. "The efforts of our illustrious staff are focusing on controlling the northern block of instances, as well as monitoring the current awakening of a new operative. No one needs to be rushing off after red herrings." He glanced at Lucas. "By the way, hear from your little one lately? He's not been filing his reports on time from what I gather. Wonder where he picked up that lazy habit."
      Lucas smiled. "Nice to hear your concern, Al." He glanced at Hasford. "If this is deteriorating into small talk I take it the meeting is over?"
      Hasford sighed. “Yes, I believe so.”
     Lucas stood before Hasford finished the sentence. “Great to see all of you.” He heard Marie make a her hasty goodbyes and follow. Ignoring the halls, he crossed one and turned blindly down another before he turned. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
     Marie glanced up at him, crossing her arms. “I didn’t think I would be heard so soon.”
     “Bull. Come on Marie. You should have at least…said something. I’m your partner.”
Her mouth twisted, as if holding something back.
     “Yeah, I know. For now.” Lucas leaned against a row of interior windows, running a hand through his dark hair. “Still. I deserve to know something like our missions being covered up or…whatever. I expected that from you.”
      Marie sighed. "And they expect loyalty."
      "This," Lucas rammed a finger at the cuff on his left ear. "This is my loyalty."
      Marie blinked. "I...I didn't say..." She collected herself. "Come on, Luc. You know I didn't mean it like, well, they mean it."
Lucas glanced at her. "Yeah I know. I know. Those guys just..."
     "Something like that." Lucas said, slowly.
      Picking up on his surprise Marie continued. "I mean they do it on purpose.”
     Lucas watched her vanish around the corner and pulled out his cigarettes and lighter. With a surreptitious look around he continued down the hall, turning the opposite corner while lifting the flame.
      “Don’t let them see you so shaken.”
     Lucas fumbled with his lighter. “Raimei.”
     A small Asian girl with white bandages over her glossy black pig tails stood facing a long curtained row of windows. Her gaze shifted from the glass, a white stick stuck out of her mouth, lollipop clicking against her teeth as she spoke. She readjusted a sling on her right arm. “You do realize that was a complete farce.”
     Lucas shoved the lighter in his pocket. “And you would know?”
     “Everyone knows.”
     “Good to know.” Lucas smiled down at her. “What are you doing down here?”
     Lucas tilted his head, seeing through a small sliver of curtain. A bed with silver rails lay beyond, a box with tubes and, as he moved in, could see a body on the bed; the blanket over his chest barely moving.
     “Is that as bad as it looks?”
     “Probably worse.” Her eyes shifted upwards in the glass. “But it usually is, don’t you think?”
     Lucas took in the little girl’s covered eye and small cane at her side; a long pleated blue skirt over he couldn’t guess what kinds of injuries.
     “I think that is what they want us to think. And we are good at that.”
     “Such submissive terms. It’s too much like a mongrel.”
     "Mongrel." Lucas found himself smiling. “What’s wrong with dogs?”
     “Nothing. If you like brutish, slobbering beasts.”
     Lucas leaned in close to her ear. “Woof.”
     Raimei started.
     Lucas smirked as he continued down to the elevators at the end of the corridor. “Don’t them see ya shake, right kid?”

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode Twenty Eight

Episode Twenty Eight

The Underground 

It's vital to remember who you really are. It's very important. It isn't a good idea to rely on other people or things to do it for you, you see. They always get it wrong.

     The elevator pinged and the door slid open. Lucas hesitated.

     “Don’t tell me you’re scared,” Marie said, stepping in with a smirk.

     “Scared? Pfft.” Lucas’ wary glance at the closing elevator doors bellied the easy nonchalance. 

     "Surface buildings are too easily detectable. Along with what they house." 

     The elevator glided downward, the numbers above their heads quickly lighting up as they passed levels four, seven, ten, fifteen. The light reacted with a symbol, second to last in line of the numbers, and the elevator gave a small lurch as it stopped.

     "Just because the logic is sound doesn't mean I have to like all the Raccoon City BS. Hmm?" 

     Marie unconcernedly stepped out of the elevator and headed down the hall. Lucas followed. 

     The hallways in the lower level gave no nod to corporate d├ęcor. The walls were sterile, an off white too reminiscent of a hospital. No picture frames, or fake views. 

     “So, how's Bert my ol' buddy ol' pal?" Lucas said into her ear, hoping to make her jump.

     Marie merely shook her hair back, dislodging his voice. She stopped at a window set into the right wall. She leaned down to speak to the older women on the other side. “Marie Ventras. I was called—”

     The woman paused in typing into a computer. “Yes ma’am. I have your briefing.” She handed a folder held on a clipboard through a slit in the glass. “If you could sign the paper at your right. They are in BR 107.”

     “Thank you.” Marie set the pen down and continued down the hall. 

     "New assignment?" Lucas snatched at the folder. 

     Marie deftly deflected him with a sharp right turn down a wide corridor. “It’s further information on the vanishing kids in Iota.”

     Lucas' grin vanished. "How many?"

     Marie stopped in front of two double doors at their left. She glanced up at Lucas, a hand on her hip. "None."

     Lucas snatched at the clipboard again. Marie dropped it to her side, out of reach. Lucas groaned. 

"May I please see the report, Miss Marie?"

     She nodded with curt satisfaction, handing him the clipboard. 

     "Thank you." He whipped it from her fingers, turning his back on her. "No kidnappings..." he muttered. "No kidnappings, my...What the hell?"

     "Told ya." Marie pressed her palm into the LCD embedded in the wall. A map of her skin, in heat signature colors lit up the screen. Heavy locks clicked and slid as a mechanical voice intoned over head: 

     Acknowledged. Marie Ventras. Welcome. 

     "Wait a sec." Lucas slid through the quickly closing level security door. "Marie. This...this..."

     "It doesn't make since. I know."

     Lucas flipped report pages. “The recent census reported fifteen children living in Iota."


     "But." His eyes scanned the page, flipped it and scanned. "When the field reporters went back to check with the families, only ten children of the original were counted? Or could be accounted for?"


     Lucas stared down at the floor. "Even if the census takers were wrong or if people didn't answer honestly that's too large of an error margin."

     Marie glanced over her shoulder as she reached for metal etched door handle. "I know."

     She opened the door to a conference room, one wall a projection screen and a long table in the center. Four people sat at the end closest to the screen. The smile on the man's face closest to him made Lucas feel instantly flat footed.

     "Welcome to the War Room, Alt."

     "Aloysius?" Lucas looked to Marie, already taking a seat. "What is this?"

     "The inner circle."

     "Is there need for your Alt here, Ventras?" A fair haired women Lucas didn't recognize asked. She glanced at Lucas over the top of pearlized reading glasses. 

     Marie set the clipboard on the table with an audible click. "Robert's condition is not improving as quickly as hoped. I'm afraid we must assume current and near future missions will include an Alt."

     "Or just intact Keys."

     Marie gave Aloysius a cool stare. 

     A broad shouldered African man stood quickly from the left side of the room. "Please join us," he said with a light British accent. "And I believe introductions are in order. I am Paul Hasford, Key of Juliet Meadows. This," he indicated the older man next to him with a graying ponytail, "is Jonah Welks, Key of Gabriel Onedas. The lovely lady in front of him is Joseil Canyers, Key of Andrea Holt. And—"

     "He knows me," Aloysius interrupted with a wink.

      Lucas winced. "Uh, yeah." He stepped up cautiously to the table and the four most powerful intake Keys the Factory had to offer. 

     "Lucas Mannor."

     "Alt," Joseil added with a dark grin. 

     “Alt, yes.” Lucas sat next to Marie.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Radio Play

Hey guys!

So, you noticed no update this month. I have been trying to get something special together for y'all but its no working. (Mostly because Im not tech savvy) So here is the link to (drum roll PLEASE!)


The first episode is here:

Please listen, comment and subscribe! We are also playing the episodes on Beam Me Up podcast.

Thanks for all the support!


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Episode Twenty Seven: Glow

Episode Twenty Seven


Sometimes glass glitters more then diamonds because it has more to prove.
-Terry Pratchett

     The trail thickened. Tobie rounded the art building and paused. The great tree in the center of the sculptures rustled in the cold wind, bringing with it a foul smell and subtle color. Forcing himself not to shiver he continued towards the back of the school.

     The trees thinned out. The hedges lost their prune. Grass turned wild as the gardener's boundaries came under foot. A bush and tree lined footpath lead to the dirt clearing, overlooking the city; a popular place for couples to sneak away from the school's many watchful eyes. The view now was distorted, magnified through a huge undulating mirror. An oily miasma lifted up from the ground, curling in the air. The Glimmer's enlargement created an oily spot in it center. Oily with a slight iridescence, it pulsed and revolved slowly with each liquid movement.

     Tobie glared at the sized up Glimmer; Layah cradled gently in the tentacle like protrusions jutting out from the jelly body. "This little obsession has gone far enough. Set her down. Now."

     More glassy tentacles snaked from the body, coiling around the girl. It was oddly...protective.
Tobie laughed derisively. "You like her," he heckled. "What a joke! Pathetic little baby demon, not even fully realized yet, only a Glimmer of potential in love with a human. Tch." He crossed his arms. "Figures. How completely lame. Oh well." He smirked. "This'll be quick."

     Amber crackled over his knuckles. He envisioned a tight net around it, thick amber strands tightening against its core, conveniently leaving Layah free of its confines. His hand rose. Fingers flexed. The Glimmer swayed, flattening to the ground and scraping Layah's side across the dirt. The bright net collapsed and spurted out just where it had been. The image solid in his mind; Tobie materialized it faster. The Glimmer spun, swirling. It lifted Layah into the air, her body limp, feet dangling below her Dora the Explorer skirt. A tentacle wrapped around her ankle and her foot slipped into the gelatinous mass. The dark mass in the center crackled.

     Sweat beaded Tobie's forehead and he grit his teeth."Hold still." A net, twisting escape; net, dodge. The Glimmer twisted and whirled faster and faster, lifting the girl higher each time, a little more sliding into the Glimmer, the clear jelly contorting her small body. "Ugh!" A shot of concentrated amber cut through the air.

     A tentacle of translucent light lifted from the body, batting the amber away as easily as a buzzing fly.

     Shock stroked through Tobie's veins, momentarily freezing him in place. His legs, on autopilot, jerked him down just as his own attack flew past him, singing the hair by his earring. The metal heated, glowed. Tobie rolled, then balanced up on his knee, hand slapping at the side of his head. "I'm fine. Assurance. All's well, Luc." Tobie rolled to dodge an attack. "Not that your listening..."


     "Are you listening? Luc!" Marie slammed the report down, clipboard banging on the table. She leaned forward with a glare. Lucas squinted up at her then went back to staring blankly at the opposite wall. His breath hitched.

     "I said--"

     Lucas tensed, his eyes closing.

     "Don't ignore--"

     Rocketing forward, Lucas sneezed. Marie flipped the report up to shield her face just in time.

"     ...gross..."

     "Ugh." Lucas sniffed, running a finger under his nose.

     "Use a tissue," Marie admonished, shoving the box on the table at him.

     Lucas took a few and blew his nose noisily. "Sorry. What'd ya say?"

     Marie sighed. She set the report on the table and slid it towards him. "More info on the Iota prefecture."
"The perfecter with the disappearing act." Lucas tossed the used tissue into the waste paper basket below the table and picked up the clipboard. He grimaced and wiped the first piece of paper with his cuff. "So what--"

     Marie shook her head and cupped her ear, raising a finger. She glanced at the ceiling, teeth sliding over her lip.

     Lucas held impatient silence, eyes fixed on Marie.

     Finally she took a breath.

     "What's up with upper management?"

     Marie turned to the door. "Going to find out now. I'm headed by notations. Come on."

     "Oh? The lowly Alt is invited?" Lucas stood with mock surprise.

     Marie opened the door and turned back with a sigh. "Just behave. And don't sneeze on anyone."


     Tobie ran up the clearing, tentacles crashing into the ground just behind his steps. Running out of dirt, he whirled, knee striking the earth, arms crossing above his face. Three glassy tentacles raced his way, braiding together ready to spear him through. Just as they reached him a field of light blossomed over Tobie's arms. A shield, threads weaving themselves in a round shield of light wrapped two strong bands sent a shock through the tentacles. Twisting to lower the shield Tobie took another shot, rolling on his side inches from the drop off. The amber connected to the shifting air, blowing a foot wide hole in the Glimmer. It howled. Layah dropped, was caught by a tentacle and jerked right, loosing a shoe. Tentacles wrapped around her neck and torso, pulling her closer; engulfing her far enough to make her limbs protrude like a drooping doll. Her face flushed a bright pink, a small coo emitted from her parted lips.

     "Don't you dare." Tobie was on his feet. "She belongs here! Not like you." The shield unraveled, filling his hand filled with light. "I'll send you back in pieces!" An amber short sword hit the glimmer's protective wall of poisons. A jet of foul air hissed from the shield. The Glimmer shifted backwards, closer to the cliff. Tobie's hand went to the pommel, forcing all his strength down into the spirit. The sword sunk, Tobie let out a yell and the hilt slammed into the edge of the shield. The air erupted with a scream of steam and shattering glass. Tobie lifted a hand, palm filling with light. He shoved it into the hole created by his last attack, now approachable with out the shield, and detonated the amber. The Glimmer filled with refracting light. Tobie twisted the blade and urged it further into the spirit. The tip edged towards the oily molten center, hitting it just as Layah let out a gurgle and went limp. Amber and oil clashed, rebounded then set against each other. With a determined cry the amber won. An explosion of kimetic energy ripped through the clearing, blinding, and deafening; painting the clearing a warm but dirty yellow.

     In the shocked silence that followed a shadow dropped from a twisted tree near the edge of the clearing. Brushing leaves from the leaves of a military coat, he strode towards Tobie's body.

     The soft tinkle of bells.

     "He did well," Holon said, kneeling next to Tobie. "Help him now."

     Defiant whoosh of agitated wind. A ball of light streamed out towards the ground, and the spite Anemone materialized; wagging her finger and glaring at Tobie.

     Holon smiled. "Aye. But for the child's sake, revive him."

     Anemone crossed her arms, but her sparkling gaze wandered towards Layah; motionless in the grass. Her mouth twisted with deliberation.

     "That's my girl," Holon whispered as she knelt beside Tobie. "Let him wake on his own." Holon turned back towards the school at the sound of foot steps and a distant, "Layah!"

     Light filled the space between Anemone's palms, just above Tobie's chest. It sank into his coat, shining against his zipper a moment before vanishing. Tobie groaned, taking a deep breath.


     Anemone stood, the edges of her body fading as she reverted back to the small orb that darted back to Holon. Just as they vanished into the treeline, Tobie's eyes opened.

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