Saturday, August 6, 2011

Episode Twenty Five

Episode Twenty Five


Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do the day after.
~ The White Queen

     Rain speckled the lawn, turning the grass slick. Tobie drove the ball between a left fielder's legs, caught up with it, and headed to the goal.

     Gus ran up beside him, quick to match his pace.

     With a grin Tobie jooked left, juggling the ball. Gus fell for it, literally diving for the ball too hard to stop his momentum and belly flopped to the grass, sending up a wave of icy water from the blades. Uninhibited, Tobie picked up speed towards the goal. Grinning at the goalie's obvious nervous expression he counted to three in his head, hit the outside of the box and kicked. The goalie leapt into the air.

     "Goal!" Couch Areney yelled and blew the whistle. “Game. Skins win.”

     Tobie slowed and slid expertly across the wet field, grabbing the goal post. His team mates were quick to run up with high fives and smiles. Tobie nodded, soaking it up as they walked back down the field. He stopped at Gus, sitting up from the grass. "Nice spill." He reached down.

     Gus, hands on his knees, glared up at Tobie. "Yeah, thanks alot." He grasped Tobie's hand and let him pull him up. Tobie clapped his shoulder and they headed over to the coach, already in the middle of next practice's assignments.

     "...and our first game is against Rulster High. So we need to be sharp. Sinclair." He pointed as Tobie took a knee. "Great job out there. Good hustle. Keep it up. Weldon. Work on your footwork. And balance. You could learn a thing or two from Sinclair's form. Alright guys. See you next practice. Go get warm."

     "Learn something my ass," Gus grumbled as they headed to the benches.

     "You could use a refresher course." Tobie's smirk faltered. 

     Gus was staring up at the stands." She stayed the whole game, man," he said wistfully, waving at Rebeca who had her umbrella tightly clenched to her chest. "She stayed in the rain. That's gotta mean something." Gus grinned up at the stands as he toweled off his arms.

     "Yeah. It means she was enjoying watching you belly flop across the field. Gotta say it was very entertaining."

     Gus' attention came back to Tobie with a glare. "Shut up, man."

     Tobie laughed, toweling off his legs. He pulled off his cleats, kicking his bag out from under the benches. Shoving the damp cleats into the bag he slid on his trainers. "I'll leave ya to walk her home then?"

     "Yeah, you will," Gus muttered, viciously tying up his trainers.

     Tobie shouldered his duffel bag and headed towards the edge of the stands. He threw a grin and wave to Rebeca, who waved back and yelled, "Good game!" her umbrella wobbling as she leaned over the stand. Chuckling, Tobie rounded the edge.

     "Good game, indeed."

     Tobie jumped. "Shit! Holon...Man don't do that." He readjusted the duffel. "You here the whole time?"

     "Saw enough. Can't play indoors?"

     "Coach wanted us to get some grass in our cleats. Rain or shine. You know how it is."

     Holon glanced at the wet stands. "Good way to catch cold." He glanced at the bag. The zipper slid back.

     Tobie glared at him then reached into the opened slot. "Pfft..." He pulled out a sweatshirt.

     Holon turned way from the field, encouraging Tobie to walk with him. "There's been an influx."

     "Well no sh--"

     "Noticed the spirit outside the school?"

     "Yeah I saw it. But it dissipated too quickly. And there were too many civilians around." Tobie pulled the sweatshirt over his head.

     Holon looked blank. "Too many civilians."

     "Yeah. Jacob and Layah, Gus and Rebeca."

     "You let a few on looking civilians get in the way of doing your job."

     Tobie stopped dead. "Wh--I didn't--That...It’s not like that!" he spat. "I don't have your..." He lowered his voice, glancing back at the stands. "...abilities. And they don't need to know. Besides," he added, the easy swagger coming back into his voice. "You're getting too much attention as it is. Eddie is gunning for you now, you know. Hassled me earlier. You gotta blend in more, man. Student like, ya know." He slicked back his blonde hair.

     Holon gave him an appraising looking that went on a half second longer then comfort allowed. Tobie shifted on his feet.

     "Keep vigilant." Holon turned away from the path leading back to the student apartments and towards the tennis courts. "And an eye on those two."


      "Lenburt and his sister."
     Tobie’s eyes narrowed. "Why?"

     “They are of interest.”

     Tobie half halfheartedly resigned himself to not getting a detailed answer and re-gripped his duffle. "Fine. You know; I could come with you..."

     Holon paused, looking over his shoulder. "Pardon?"

     "Nothing. Never mind." Tobie grumbled. "Later."

     They parted, in decided different directions, as the rain gained weight and pounded down on the soggy campus.

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